The Process

Initial consultation

An initial consultation with you will help Lisa determine: 

  • Your goal–what do you want your bot to accomplish?
  • Who is your bot speaking to? Who is your audience?
  • Your bot’s personality–is your bot male, female, or neither? Is it light-hearted, or is it serious? 
  • What does your bot look like? Does it resemble you? Or does it look like an animal, an emoji, or something completely different? (Hint: This is important!)

Designing Your Bot

After the initial consultation, Lisa will begin to design the flows, sequences, and conversation of your bot. She will test them frequently to be sure they make sense and that there are no glitches.

The Handoff

When your bot is complete, Lisa will transfer the prototype to you. After any final adjustments are made, your bot will be ready to submit to a “bot builder,” who will code it and make it come alive on your website.

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