Why Lisa?

Lisa Bjornstad is a Certified Chatbot Marketing Specialist. She is professionally trained and certified in the art of Conversation Design.

Why choose Lisa as your chatbot designer?

Lisa has been passionate about writing almost since she could hold a crayon. She is a successful copywriter and blogger, and a published author.

Lisa knows how to talk to people–and she knows how people talk. She has a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, and for over two decades she worked as a licensed mental health and addictions therapist. Her clientele were all involved to some degree with the criminal justice system, including a maximum security prison.

Because of her insight into the human mind, her knowledge of the most effective ways to communicate, and her expert writing skills, Lisa is the ideal choice to design a dynamic and effective chatbot for your business.

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What Others Say About lisa

“Invaluable Asset”

“Lisa is one of the most insightful, cheerful, and generous people that I know. She has come up-close-and-personal with the very worst that society has to offer. Yet, she remains optimistic about life and the potential each of has as a human being. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Among other things, Lisa is a excellent writer and communicator. Because of who she is – and having a PhD in psychology helps! – she understands human nature at a very deep level. She is able to inspire, connect with, and persuade people in her writing and speaking. She’s an invaluable asset to every team she joins. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have her as part of your team someday, too?”

Joshua T Boswell, CEO and Founder  Copywriter Marketer


“Connecting with Lisa changed my life”

“It’s hard to put it all in the best words…. Compassion. Lisa has a way of making a person feel comfortable and not judged. She has a loving heart and is very good at opening people up. She played a huge part in helping me to choose a new path and return to “me” again. She sees beyond our issues or illnesses and sees another human struggling and hurting and she helps out. I respect her and look up to her. She is very knowledgeable and has taught me a lot. Her eyes are kind. She does have a firmness or seriousness that shows she means business, but for the most part in my experience with her, I only truly saw the caring and loving side, because I was ready to change. Connecting with Lisa changed my life.”

R. S., Former therapy client


“Brilliantly Effective”

“Lisa’s writing is brilliantly effective and on-point. She takes the time to understand who the customer is, and writes for that particular audience; she also makes sure to understand the business objectives behind a campaign, as well as the style and voice of the campaign brand. Above all else, she completes projects ahead of schedule! She is a highly valuable resource.”

Eric J. McKirdy

“Changed Hearts”

“You have changed a lot of hearts.” 

T., Maximum Security Inmate, Oregon State Penitentiary

“Articulate and perceptive”

“Lisa is a careful, meticulous, and creative worker and scholar. She has an innate and skillful ability to help people who are in the worst of circumstances. Her ambition to seek advanced training was met with great courage and perseverance despite many obstacles in her path. Lisa is articulate and perceptive. Loyalty to people and causes is one of her strengths. If I were to need counseling, I would not hesitate to ask Lisa. She has proven her mettle and ability in one of the most difficult jobs she could have had.”

Dwight M. Blood, Emeritus Professor, BYU

“Fun to work with”

“Lisa really knows how to use language and can write in many different styles, from scholarly to “down home.” She has the ability to get her point across in a way that people will understand and identify with. Plus she is fun to work with and is very conscientious.”

Monica Reiman

“Selfless dedicated work”

“We thank you, Lisa Bjornstad, for your years of loyalty, friendship and service. You have helped participants change their lives and you have been instrumental in saving lives. Your selfless dedicated work has made a lasting difference. Your professionalism, enthusiasm and care for those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction will remain very much appreciated.”

From a plaque of appreciation presented by Benton County Drug Treatment Court

“Professional’s Professional”

“Lisa is a professional’s professional. Her understanding of the human mind is fascinating. Her technical skills are impeccable. She is a self-starter and can work independently but is also a great team member.”

Judith Culp Pearson